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A testimonial from our client: Hanaro

“EPSN Workforce helped Hanaro to find an experienced Technical Support Engineer for our organization recently. Hanaro, but also local agencies were not able to find people in the area of Deurne, so we decided to contact EPSN Workforce. They took on this project and within a short period of time they presented several qualified people from different countries in Europe. All of them willing to work and live in The Netherlands. After a good selection and a few job interviews we selected a specialist from Italy, Rajoul Fahraji. Although he is married to an Italian woman he wasn’t
allowed to work in The Netherlands without a VISA / work permit. EPSN took care of this process as well and after a short period of time Rasoul and his wife arrived in The Netherlands and he started to work for Hanaro. The way EPSN handled this project and how they communicated with our staff was very professional and service minded.” 

-Frank Han
Managing Director Hanaro Europe BV

A testimonial from our candidate: Rajoul Fahraji

When I started the process to find my next job it was extremely important to me to identify the best career consultants in terms on honesty, reliability and support. EPSN Workforce is at the pinnacle of all. I would like to sincerely thank the EPSN Workforce team for helping me in my last job search. Special thanks to EPSN Head Office and Mrs. Katherina Kalantzi who were a great help, not only for finding me this lovely position and company, but also for the way they helped me to settle in the Netherlands. Thank you for the way you listened to what I was looking for and for all your hard effort to support me. I have not and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I feel worth your while. A huge thank you to all of you at EPSN Workforce.

Rajoul Fahraji