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Concrete Finisher /Labourer

Canada / Code: 1841

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We are looking for experienced and hardworking construction workers to join on-going contracts in Vancouver, Canada. Flights, accommodation and visas are all provided.

Job description


We are hiring are a number of experienced Concrete Finisher/Labourers for the New Year (2019) to work across a number of on-going projects in Canada.

The role is to carry out all aspects of concrete finishing on the project and any other associated tasks as detailed below:-

  • Concrete finishers read schematics, drawings, and construction plans, and they interpret them to determine how to complete jobs.
  • These specialized workers finish top surfaces of concrete using tools and water to create the desired texture. This task includes inspecting finished concrete and removing imperfections.
  • Concrete finishers place forms to control where concrete is being poured and help spread the concrete as it’s being poured to ensure the finished result will be level.
  • Concrete finishers inspected finished concrete, patch holes, and fix imperfections after concrete has finished setting.
  • They also make repairs to old concrete by filling cracks, replacing damaged areas, and refinishing surfaces.

Experience: Minimum experience as a Concrete Finisher/Labourer for more than four years or more is required.

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